Repetition training Emergency Response Officer

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Repetition training Emergency Response Officer

The repetition training Emergency Response Officer is intended for every  Emergency  Response Officer to keep knowledge and skills up-to date and to keep the diploma or certificate valid. The certificate of the NIBHV is valid for a period of one year, for renewal, the trainee must attend the repetition training Emergency Response Officer within one year.


  • Annually changing and interactive training program
  • Practising skills as a group (safe learning environment)
  • Indoor practice house, excellent facilities, lunch and accessibility
  • Great price/quality ratio
  • No stress about schedule and validity of diplomas



Introduction follow-up

In any case, the following skills from the Health & Safety Act will be addressed:

  1. Providing first aid in case of accidents
  2. Limiting and fighting fire and limiting the consequences of accidents
  3. Alerting and evacuating all employees and other people in the company or facility in emergency situations


The structure of the course is mainly as follows:

Morning: group assignments and practical exercises.

  • first aid, not urgent
  • first aid, urgent: resuscitation and AED,

Afternoon: group assignments and practical exercises.

  • fire fighting
  • evacuation

Usually the course day lasts from 9 AM until 4.30 PM, with a 30 minute lunch break.

There are also other options for groups.

Target audience

All employees of companies or other organizations that are required to organize In-house emergency services in the context of the Health & Safety act. The trainee must be in posssion of a valid In-house Emergency Services diploma or repetition certificate.


There is no exam. The practical skills of the trainee are tested. After successfully completing the repetition, the trainee will receive the nationally recognized repetition certificate “In-house Emergency Officer” from the NIBHV. This certificate is valid for a period of one year after the date of issuance.

We draw up an annual schedule and automatically invite our trainees (free of obligation) for the annual repetition In-house Emergency Services. We keep a close eye on the validity of the diploma of our trainees.

Group size

On average 12-14 people per course group.


Trainees who have a valid First Aid certificate by Oranje Kruis (or similar) are granted an exemption from the first aid part and shall only attend the parts firefighting and evacuation (1 day part).


€175,00 per trainee in open enrollment  (€211,75 including VAT).

€113,00 per trainee in case of exemption first aid (in possession of valid First Aid diploma) (€ 136,73  including VAT).

€ 1.050,00 per group of 6 trainees (€1.270,50 including VAT).

Included in course fee

The course fee includes all costs, such as:

  • Use of instruction material
  • Use of experienced certified instructor including travel and accommodation costs
  • Certification costs of the NIBHV
  • Lunch, coffee and tea, sodas and small snacks (not included if the course is organized at your own business location)